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Love you won

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Saturday 27 November – Hours 21.00

Love you won

Lia Serafini - Soprano

Henry Zanovello – harpsichord

For the second concert of the new classical season opened this year at the Teatro Cucinelli and directed by M ° Fabio Ciofini is offered to the public on the theme of love and, particularly, Italian love songs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The cantata, usually very abundant in Italy until the mid- 1700, it was in those years with the repertoire of choice set to music, especially of the opera-loving ball (but there are examples of spiritual subjects, moraleggianti, Humorous, historical and mythological) transferring and renewing in the new horizon monodic a whole repertoire of topoi-imitative representative. And in this context is the two love songs have won RV 683 (two recitatives and two arias for contralto and strings) and I cry, sigh moan RV 675 (a single air, for alto and basso continuo) Venetian opera composer Antonio Vivaldi's greatest, respectively the first and third Saturday of the program of work.

Starring Henry Zanovello of the evening at the harpsichord and soprano Leah Serafini, which will continue the program with a real rarity: the melancholy Sonata in G minor by Giovanni Meneghetti (1730 – 1794), composer, violinist, organist and conductor Vicenza, popular in various European courts (Monaco, Vienna), but soon returned to hometown. Author mostly music for violin, Meneghetti keyboard work refers explicitly to the models of Scarlatti and Galuppi, leaving pages enjoyable and refined.

Two of the arias in the program will be drawn dall'Alcina HWV 34, last title of the "trilogy Ariosto's" Handel. Staged in 1735 at Covent Garden in London with good success, the work is based on a libretto already used anonymously by Riccardo Broschi, focuses on the complex figure of the seductive sorceress, that turns into a woman in love and desperate after the discovery of the betrayal of Ruggiero and is the absolute protagonist of the scene and final aria of the same act II, real female counterpart to the scene of madness nell'Orlando.

A completely different atmosphere is breathed in "I'm not one of those" air of the second Vespetta dall'intermezzo Pimpinone Tomaso Albinoni. Staged in 1708 at the Teatro San Cassiano in Venice, The Pimpinone can be considered the prototype of the comic intermezzo and, in the lively representation of the aspirations of a maid to the advanced social, Servant of the same master Pergolesi. Far from the cantata will be followed by Giovanni Bononcini well ch'adoro.

The program is completed with some instrumental pages: Concerto for Keyboard an unusual one in two movements of Handel, made between 1710 and 1720 and a sonata by Baldassare Galuppi, Perhaps the most significant author of the panorama of Italian harpsichord Scarlatti and Clementi.

Cristina Moretti
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