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Presentation of the local action group GAL AKTIIVINEN Pohjois-Satakunta-RY ( and the territory of the LAG

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The Local Action Group Aktiivinen Pohjois-Satakunta – ry is an association of public benefit non-profit organization founded in 1998 in the design of the "Leader II". The activities of the same have occurred throughout the planning period of the Leader and continued during the programming 2007-2013.

The territory comprises the LAG 11 municipalities with a population of about 48.000 people (2013).

The LAG area is located to the west of Finland, in the administrative territory of two provinces: Satakunta e Pirkanmaa.

Ikaalinen, Kankaanpää and Parkano are the biggest commercial and cultural centers of the area:

· the town of Ikaalinen is known for its traditions. Its territory is home to the largest thermal spa in Scandinavia and the Festival of Accordion Sata Häme Soi, among the most important in Europe. For Ikaalinen is the largest Institute of the Arts Manuals Scandinavia, l'Istituto IKATA. The small town has a very strong cultural reality.

Immagine aerea del centro di Ikaalinen del il Lago Kyrösjärvi

Aerial image of the center of the Lake Ikaalinen Kyrösjärvi


Le terme di Ikaalinen è il polo termale più grande della Scandinavia

The thermal baths of the spa center Ikaalinen is Scandinavia's largest


· the town of KANKAANPÄÄ is the commercial and cultural heart of the area of ​​Pohjois-Satakunta. Kankaanpää is known nationally as a center of art education and is home to numerous cultural events starting with the Circle of Art – artistic path that enlivens the entire city – without forgetting the Veneskoski summer theater and other cultural events. Kankaanpää is known for its renowned art section of the University of Science Application SAMK.

Kankaapää ha numerosi parchi e aree verdi

Kankaapää ha number parchi e aree verdi


· the town of Parkano is the third busiest commercial center of the province of Pirkanmaa. The timber industry and sawmills, which traditionally represented the primary economic sector, has recently left his primacy to the metallurgical industry, increasingly developed. Parkano is known for its fishing salmonacei Viinikanjokihe flowing into the river in the city center. The National Park Seitseminen is a meeting place for all nature lovers.

Inoltre l’area comprende i comuni di Honkajoki, Jämijärvi, Karvia, Kihniö, Lavia, Merikarvia, Siikainen e Pomarkku.

In addition, the area includes the towns of Honkajoki, Jämijärvi, Gooseberry, Kihniö, Lavia, Merikarvia, Siikainen e Pomarkku.


· the municipality of Merikarvia is located on the Baltic Sea coast and is an area with considerable development of the tourism sector. The coast, with the archipelago of Oura and river fishing, are some of the opportunities for nature lovers. The Bothnian Sea National Park is a must for all lovers of the sea.


· the municipality of HONKAJOKI is a dynamic that has focused on organic farming in greenhouses and on motor sport. Honkajoki è, also, the most important polo national sales of heavy machinery to work. The complex of eco-industrial park of Kirkkokallio is a set of innovative entrepreneurial activities in the sector "green sustainable", several prizes over the years.

Pesämäki con la fiera “Masiinamessut”

Pesämäki with the exhibition "Masiinamessut"


· the municipality of Jämijärvi is largely agricultural, but also offers excellent opportunities for nature-based tourism. Also called the Southern Lapland Finland, is known as a traditional center of private aviation and ultralight, as the site of the first ski tunnel surface in the world and also offers special conditions for practitioners of Nordic skiing.

The numerous nature trails of sandy areas of Jämi and over 200 Km of winter on the slopes have made him the favorite of Satakunta area for nature lovers and sports

Centro ricreativo e sportivo di Jämi

Recreation and sports center of Jämi


Il parco dei Mulini a vento, importante fonte di energia rinnovabile

The park Windmills, important source of renewable energy


· Kihniö is a small town with an active tourism business sector on the outskirts of the area Järvi-Suomi - in Central Finland.

Immagine di Kihniö

Picture of Kihniö


· POMARKKU is a small agricultural town in the idyllic town center which has received a special award architectural, SAFA, for the conservation of the cultural landscape rural. The whole area of ​​Pomarku is a popular destination for fishermen because of the numerous streams in the area and the great lake Isojärvi.




· Siikainen is a town that has traditionally agriculture as a special architectural porches of ancient glass in wooden farmhouses. Today it is a popular tourist destination naturalistic.

Caratteristico preingresso di una casa antica in legno di Siikainen

Characteristic pre-entrance of an old house in wood Siikainen


· We can admire the beautiful views of the lakes in the town of LAVIA also in the coin 1 Euro finlandese. The municipality is crossed, of the nord sud, Parkway North Road passing through agricultural landscapes characterized by beautiful valleys and undulating lakes and rivers. ( Nei Canyon dei Laghi e Sword Fire Lake, in the slope of the town of Lavia, we find, also, some of the oldest geological formations of the earth's crust.

L’artista di Lavia ha immortalato il paesaggio comunale nel retro della  moneta da 1 euro finlandese.

The artist has immortalized Lavia of the municipal landscape in the back of
currency 1 euro finlandese.


· In the municipal area of ​​Karvia can visit the national park of Kauhaneva- Pohjankangas and enjoy its rich cultural offerings of many wonderful events. The most significant is the National Theatre Review Willi Nations. The inhabitants of Karvia are very active in volunteer work and their spirit of collaboration has enabled him to build a long bike path, widely used by kids of all ages.


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The landscape of the territory of the LAG is varied and vast areas, consist of swamps, lakes and forests, offer significant opportunities for nature tourism. Water is an element that does not fail in our area. La zona di Northern Satakunta, laced with rivers, lakes and ponds, it also decorates with the islands and the coastal delta area of ​​the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea.

The sector of public services in our area is varied and well-functioning. Through active collaboration are maintained between these services and, for example, the education sector excels at national level for the good results obtained. In our area there is also a strong tradition of small and medium handicraft and many activities are innovative new business hub.