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Frantotipico 2015: the event program

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Frantotipico 2015: il programma della manifestazione

FRANTOTIPICO is an event created by the Municipality of Castel Ritaldi (PG) with the aim of enhancing the excellence and typical of the area and in particular, extra virgin olive oil dop, pride of our food production. L’evento, that over the years has taken a significant size, develops in the small village of Colle del Marchese, a "postcard" located in the hills adjacent to Castel Ritaldi, surrounded by acres of fruit trees and home to three mills mills. The beauty of the area, the genuineness of the product, curiosity and the desire to know the various stages of processing olives, have contributed to making our town a destination for many tourists, lovers of nature and good food.


Friday’ 6 November

  • hours 16.30 (Castel Ritaldi – Town library)

“We manipulate ...”: Creative workshop for children and adults – Like the ancient… Candles, lights and lamps with oil


  • hours 18.00 (Castel Ritaldi – Town library)

Meeting: Income support in olive growing through intercropping – Rapporteur Adolfo Rosati CREATE-OILS


  • hours 19.30 (Castel Ritaldi – Piazza Santa Marina)

“Oil, polenta… sympathy!”: We are celebrating the opening of Frantotipico (free tastings)


  • hours 20.00 (Castel Ritaldi - Piazza Santa Marina)

Concerto: Gionni Di Clemente Trio (Ethno – Jazz)



Saturday 7 November

  • hours 10.30 (Castel Ritaldi – Piazza Santa Marina)

Large Snakes Oliva (playing in the square Children… of all ages!)


  • hours 16.30 (Castel Ritaldi – Restaurant Mouthful of the King)

Frantochef junior: Pan focaccia! Cooking workshop for children (Reservations recommended)

The importance of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet


  • hours 17.30 (Colle del Marchese)

Esibizione della banda musicale e delle majorettes di Castel Ritaldi


  • hours 18.00 (Colle del Marchese)

Inauguration of the Multipurpose Room of the former Church of San Pancrazio: Speakers Mayor Andrea Reali, Archbishop of Spoleto, Norcia Diocese Bishop. Renato Boccando, Mons. Giampiero Ceccarelli, Professor Silvestro Nessi, the architect and the engineer Giuseppe Gianluca Maiuli Scatolini. Nel corso dell’inaugurazione ci sarà il concerto del gruppo di musica medioevale “Together Micrologus”


  • hours 20.00 (Colle del Marchese)

Local flavors: Dinner wandering through the streets of the village at the base of new oil and local dishes (Reservation required by Thursday 5). During dinner speak an expert panel test. (In case of rain, the dinner will take place at the Cloister of Santa Marina in Castel Ritaldi)


  • hours 22.00 (Colle del Marchese – San Pancrazio)

'Tonight tango… Massimiliano Pitocco and Adrian Fioramonti in concert: We learn to dance the tango with Donatella Tabarrini. (In case of rain the concert will take place at the Cloister of Santa Marina in Castel Ritaldi)



Sunday 8 November

  • hours 09.00 (Colle del Marchese)

"Risvegliamoci in nature…”: Individual and group movement education


  • hours 09.00 (Colle del Marchese)

Markets of local products and local handicrafts: Opening of the food stands


  • hours 9.30 (Colle del Marchese)

"A walk through the olive groves": Guided excursion with Daniel Piermarini (environmental guide and hiking enabled by the Region of Umbria)


  • hours 9.30 (Colle del Marchese)

Pedaling the Martani Mountains ... Itinerario in mountain bike


  • hours 9.30 (Colle del Marchese)

A jog on the Monti Martani ... Horse ride


  • hours 10.30 (Colle del Marchese)

"We play to make the oil": Collection and grinding of the olives (reserved for children – reservations required)


  • hours 13.00 (Castel Ritaldi – Cloister of Santa Marina)

Local flavors: Lunch of new oil and local dishes (reservations required)


  • hours 15.00 (Colle del Marchese)

Popular games for kids: Tug of war, the bell, “… Take the handkerchief” – by Hakuna Matata


  • hours 16.00-18.00 (Colle del Marchese – San Pancrazio)

Educational workshop of painting: “Ulivi rinascimentali” per ricreare un antico erbario con le tecniche del XIV secolo – by Elisa Squillace


  • hours 15.30 (Colle del Marchese)

Music of the folk tradition: Popular music, pinches and tarantula with "The soloists of the popular Saltarello"


  • hours 16.00 (Colle del Marchese)

Oil and wellness: Self-massage of the foot with olive oil


  • hours 18.00 (Colle del Marchese)

"The bruschettona ...": Buffet of typical and mulled wine (free tastings)


In all the restaurants included in the municipality of Castel Ritaldi is possible, in days 6 – 7 and 8 November, taste the specialties of the area taking advantage of the terms reserved to the event Frantotipico 2015. Sunday 8 November will be available a free shuttle for a guided tour to the mills of Colle del Marchese


Download the dinner menu on Saturday 7 November (Colle del Marchese)

Download the menu Sunday lunch 8 November (Castel Ritaldi – Cloister of Santa Marina)



FOR INFORMATION AND RESERVATIONS: 0743 – 252833 / 392 – 0100146